My Story

Years ago, I was searching for anything to fill some voids I was feeling in my life.  A common phrase I would say was “I’m hungry for something…” and then I would turn to food to fill whatever the void might be.  Unfortunately, this never worked long term and I ended up feeling worse for overeating and being unhealthy.

After having five children and treating emotions, stress, insecurities, and emptiness with a less than perfect lifestyle my body was tired, out of shape, and distressed.  I was searching for anything to help me feel balanced, solid, strong, and free.  I met with a health coach and learned a lot about nutrition and balance, but still felt stuck.  Then I studied nutrition on my own and became a certified Health Coach, a far cry from my interior design business, but I wanted to go deeper and learn as much as I could so I could teach my family and transform us all into a better, more satisfying lifestyle.  My thought process was “If I’m paying for this secondary education, I have to walk the talk…how could this not work?”  I was desperate, hungry, for anything to help me feel better.

During that time, I also found God.  I had always known about God, but I never really knew Him.  Beginning a real relationship with Him and actually opening up the Bible and reading and studying scripture opened my eyes up to something…I was hungry…but not physically, like I had always thought.  I was spiritually hungry, emotionally hungry, somebody-please-stop-the-madness-I’m-out-of-my-mind-in my-unbalanced-life hungry!

As I go through my days, I’ve learned to assess my “hunger” and deconstruct my occasional cravings for certain foods.  Sometimes, I’m just hungry for a change of pace.  This blog is about that journey for me, discovering what I’m really hungry for and how I satisfy and nourish my mind, body, and soul.


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