His Way or Mine…


I just finished reading a post on a new blog I was recently introduced to.  I know, I know…who hasn’t, right?  This one happens to be written by the wife of one of my husband’s new employees, so of course, I am intrigued and riddled with curiosity.  It’s like receiving a free Google pass into someone’s personal life!  Don’t we all want to know more about the people we interact with or occasionally cross paths with?  I admit, it’s not a very becoming curiosity at first glance, but I find people intriguing and ALWAYS want to know more about their lives and their stories!

She, like I, set aside her career endeavors, left behind her network of support, packed up her family, and joined her husband in a cross-state move so he could experience change and growth in his career.  She writes about following her dreams to be a speaker, writer, and motivator and how she is balancing the advice of others with her own desires and how she thinks both sides fit into what God has planned for her.  I am intrigued by her hesitation to do more, as she was advised, before giving it thoughtful reflection and prayer.  I find this woman wise and intuitive.

I get a lot of kick back still after being here in Minneapolis for over two years now from followers, old clients, friends and family wondering why my writing has slowed so much and why I haven’t continued to design and why haven’t I continued with the health counseling here and what happened to the new venture of the two tied up into one business…it was all going SO well!?!?  I haven’t for the very same reasons this other woman hesitates…because I have a responsibility to care for the gifts that I have been given.  My family comes first.  My dreams and desires and “me time” come second.  I dabble in all of my career interests and research constantly to stay in the game.  But there are seasons in life, as she has realized early in her journey, and there is a time and a place for each step in the process.  Not to sound condescending, but I feel proud of her for realizing that and taking a step back to thoughtfully reflect upon and consider each step of her journey and whether it honors God, the one who presented her with her gifts to use in the first place!

Since our move two years ago, I have had plenty of time to step back and reflect on why I do what I do.  Does my writing cause others (or even myself) to remain idle when there are other responsibilities or gifts they/I could be taking care of?  Or does it inspire them to get up and do something great, as I hope and desire?  Does my knowledge in design and incorporating that into helping others re-work the way their home/office functions, clean things up, and move into a healthier and more productive style of living actually create more discontent or does it improve and encourage better use of time and thoughtfulness and inspire contentment, as I also hope for and desire?  I, too, wonder if the world really needs one more blog or one more designer or one more person to encourage others to live thoughtfully and healthfully.  Is that my desire for my time here on earth or is it God’s?  I believe that the desire I’ve had to let things simmer down and wane for a while is actually in response to a nudge from God.  He may just have a different plan here for me, so I better lift my head and open my eyes so I can see it when it’s time.

One thing I love about crossing paths with other Christian women is that it validates my belief in Christ and that I’m not alone in a world that can sometimes feel overwhelming and negative.  There is hope to be inspired, encouraged, loved, and motivated by others to do what God calls us to do.  I also love the thought that maybe we cross paths with certain people on purpose.  There is potential to do something greater as a pair, or in a group, than there is alone.  This excites me.

I applaud this woman for being thoughtful, and bold, and allowing God to travel WITH her as she navigates her way into her new adventures.  We can learn from this.  Oh, how much more fruitful and rewarding our journey’s will be in the end if He is allowed to navigate the route and define what success is for each of us individually…